How to Submit Articles

How to Submit ArticlesIf you wish to learn how to submit articles by yourself, there are a few things you should know about article submission and distribution since there are a few guidelines that the various article directories require.

There are a few big article directories you can use to submit your own article which is a process that takes time and requires editorial moderation in order to get the articles approved. Below are the guidelines for article submission:

1) Most article directories require that each article to contain at-least 350 words.

2) When you submit your articles you need to choose the most accurate category which is related to your article so it will not be rejected when reviewed by editors.

3) If you wish to include a link back to your site, please note that the number of anchor links allowed in each directory is different. We’ve found 2 anchor links to match most article directories.

4) Grammar and punctuation – Your articles must be written in proper English without grammar or punctuation errors.

5) Summary – When you are asked to include a summary of the article, you should know that the Summary is used for SEO meta-description and therefore make sure to describe the article as best as you can.

After you submit your articles to the largest article directories, an editorial review is usually required and therefore your articles will take a while to get approved or denied and in case your article gets denied – The editors will let you know exactly why it was rejected.

Submitting articles by yourself is a very hectic process. It takes a long time and until you reach a certain position of expertise, many articles get rejected for various reasons that many people never even considered.
We will be happy to take care of all of your article submission needs so you won’t even need to learn how to submit articles!

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